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POSTED BY Devendra Nath Bose ON September 26, 2012 9:37 pm COMMENTS (3)

If a PPF account is opened in a specific branch of SBI.For entry of pass book should I have to go that branch only?

Suppose I am away from the city for a long will it be possible to complete the process from another branch having right of PPF account?

What will happen in the czase of ICICI bank it does not provide pass book?





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  1. ICICI Bank Care says:

    Hi Mr. Bose,

    Is there anything we can help you with? Please send us your contact details at and our official will get back to you to assist you. Kindly refer ‘3508247’ in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

  2. sunil says:

    Dear Ashal,

    I had this weird experience from ICICI Bank.
    They say that they will give me a statement for my PPF account, thats perfect. But the problem is the statement doesn’t show anyhere that it is a PPF account, it only says as the deposit and account statement…

    I wonder if my company would agree to this (i haven’t opened PPF, but came to know this).

    Can anyone please clarify??? or am i missing somehting?

  3. Dear D N Bose, why you are not applying for netbanking (only viewing rights) for your PPF with SBI? For passbook printing, you w’d have to contact the servicing branch only in case of SBI.

    In case of ICICI, it’s not issuing Passbook to all. It ‘ll be issued only after your request. Again for prining of the same, you w’d have to contact the servicing branch.

    FYI – ICICI is providing netbanking facility from the day of opening the PPF account.



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