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POSTED BY Hardik Kumar Sheth ON January 1, 2013 12:34 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Sir/madam
I Mr. Hardik Kumar Sheth having the  PAN- BAFPS1457M  have not received my Refund fromIncome -tax department -Piramal Chambers ,Lalbaug for the assessment year 2011-12(FinancialYear 2010-2011). I had filed an income-tax return since a long time however till date i have not received my refund .Details for the same are as follows:
Ward -20(1)(3)
6 th Floor Piramal Chambers, lalbaug .
Amount of refund – Rs 5534/- + Interest for the delayed period.
In the month of february 2012 i was informed by the ITO of ward 20 (1) (3) after many personal visits that my ITRefund to sent directly to my bank account by May/June 2012 like last time & also i would be receiving the interest till date if therewas a delay from their side. However i have received nothing till date. 
Kindly raise this point & see to it that i get my IT refund at the earliest.
If possible please provide me the email id of the concerned person or kindly forward this email to the concerned department.
I would appreciate if you would help a small person like me to get my refund.
Awaiting your prompt reply at the earliest.
Hardik Kumar Sheth

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  1. Good for you Sanay. I file online too! Not possible statistically for all to get it on time. There will be delays, No point losing sleep over it. All we can do is open an acc online in the IT website and check refund status once in a while.

  2. Sanjay says:

    My experience is different. I am filing return online & sending Ack by post to IT Dept.
    I am getting my refund with 3-5 months. For FY 11-12, I have already rxd refund for all returns filed by me by Oct’12.
    SO Pl file returns Online & you will get speedy refund to your bank account

  3. This is a forum for seeking generic information and not a service.

    IT refunds WILL take a long time for everyone big or small. I am as small a person as you are and I receive refunds late every year.

    Watched kettles don’t boil. If it is due to you it will come. Don’t worry about it

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