Pension Fund Withdrawal from EPFO

POSTED BY Kishor Satyawali ON October 30, 2012 4:06 pm COMMENTS (5)

Hi Manish,
Thanks for putting inofrmation about various issues related to financial matters.
Please help me out in my case of Pension fund withdrawal from EPFO, Delhi
I worked for my first company from 01/05/2000 to 14/12/2005 and then in my second company from 15/12/2005 to 15/12/2008.
I got my PF transferred from my first company to the second company.
Recently, i applied for withdrawal. I have received both the fund amounts in my bank account but i am sceptical about the Pension fund amount i have received.
Based on information shared by you, the pension fund amount is calculated as per Table D and the last drawn basic salary.
My basic salary was Rs.4208/-  They have taken only 3 years of service into consideration and have calculated 4208* 2.98 ( factor for 03 years of service ) and the amount i have received is Rs.12540/-
Manish, kindly advise if it’s ok. I contributed into the pension fund for 08 years, 06 months and 15 days. then as per this the basic salary should have been multiplied by factor 8.22 ( factor for 08 years of service )
Please advise.
Waiting for your response !!
Kishor Satyawali
Ph: 9868564428     

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  1. Dear Kishor, please keep us updated on the matter. In the mean time, please do check with Gujarat office for the matter & if nothing happens to it, please file an RTI application there.



  2. Dear Kishor, what’s the update from your side now?



    1. Kishor Satyawali says:

      Hi Ashal.

      After repeated communication with my last employer, i have come to know that the fund was transferred on k-form in Dec 2006 itself and accordingly they sent this form along with fresh form 10 C to the Delhi EPFO Wazirpur office but they declined the claim and are asking for fresh k form to be issued from the Vapi, Gujarat PF office or attest the old k-form. Accordingly, i have sent the Vapi, Gujarat EPFO office a copy of the k-form for attestation by the registered post. Waiting for their reply..

      This shows the condition of our government departments. For taking back our own money, we are subject to so much harrassment……..


  3. bhusan.mirani says:

    Hi Kishor,

    If you have applied for RTI for Inquiry on the Pension Amount. Could you please help me with the format details as I have the same issue / query.

    My issue / Query is:
    I was an employee of Centurion Bank from 1st August 2006 to 31st March 2009. The PF and Pension Fund was maintained by RPFC Office. As per the norms a certain percentage of the Employer’s Contribution goes towards the Pension Fund subject to the maximum of Rs. 541 per month.

    My question is:
    I would like to know the amount standing in my Pension Fund account since 1st August 2006 to 31st March 2009 duration of Centurion Bank. So what is the procedure for that.

    Bhusan Mirani

  4. In that case , I feel that your EPS part was never transferred to your new account . Only the EPF part might be transferred.

    The best thing you can do right now is to file a RTI query to understand whats happeneing exactly !


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