Pension plan

POSTED BY Ruchika ON December 20, 2012 12:35 pm COMMENTS (5)

Hi Manish,

Can you please suggest how to choose a pension plan?




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  1. Hi Ruchika

    I am pointing you to this article which will help you understand why pension plans are not the best thing you can buy –

  2. Biswa Singh says:

    If you have already PF account and if you are foolishly excited about pension then open a PPF account. Why these crap pension plans? Any one with a little sense of personal finance will not go for these.

  3. Ruchika says:

    y so?

    1. Ramesh says:

      Read up brochure of any pension plan available right now. Then if you do not understand things, please ask here.

  4. No financial planner will recommend mixing insurance and investment. Which is what a pension plan is, The recommended route is a mixture of equity MFs, EPF and PPF depending on your risk appetite how much you can save and your present expenses.

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