Pension planing

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Dear Manish,

I am 55 yrs old NRI planing to settle back in India I want to invest lumpsum in a way that I get Rs 40 K monthly .I wish to get this income from 2014.

The options I have looked into is as follows :

1)Jeevan Akshay .

2)Bank NROFD with 9.50 % interest with Deutsche Bank.

What would be your advise as I do not want to take any risk at this stage.

Thanks &Kindest regards



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  1. Ramesh says:

    Go through this regarding your Riskfree options:

    Also remember, you (or your spouse) may live till 80-90 years, which means 25-35 years more).

    What corpus do you have to provide for that income?40 Lakhs or 4 crores or 40 crores?

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