PF Account number misplace and company is no more.

POSTED BY Manoj Kakkar ON November 21, 2012 4:33 pm ONE COMMENT

My First company was Kuber Group of Co’s which was in Greater Kailash Part I Delhi, and i worked in that company from 1993-1996.

On that our salary got deducted by some PF amount. in 1996 i switch to another company where my PF account was newly opened by new employer.

After a couple of year, i was shifted to USA and i came back in 2005. But my PF account which was deducted in my first company is still with goverment.

But the problem is i don’t remember my PF account number and old office (Kuber Group of Co’s) is closed. Is there any way to get the PF account number from PF office.

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  1. chandan n says:

    You can go to the PF office and they can provide you with full info.

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