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POSTED BY Jitendra Sanghani ON December 21, 2012 4:07 pm COMMENTS (6)

I had placed PF transfer from my old account teh current account. It has been transffered correctly but when i downloaded the current acccount’s e-passbook i found that the Pension part of my old account is not transffered.


How do I get the Pension part of my older account.

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  1. Aruna says:

    Hi,I was working for a MNC for 4.8 years and switched to another company. While joining my second company, I opted to transfer my PF account. I joined my second company on June 2014. I have been following up regarding my PF transfer from last april-2015. I have been told the “PF transfer has been received to my second company PF office and the transfer is under process. That means the amount will be transferred into your PF account.” on June 16th 2015. I resigned my job and trying to get my settlement back for 3 months now. I resigned on July and now my second company paid only for 1 year, I stayed with them. Is that how it works? Won’t I suppose to get all my PF amounts? What is the use of transferring my PF amount from one company to other if I am not getting my total amount? Can you help me understand, what should I have to do to get my first company PF amount?

    1. You should be getting the total amount. I suggest take the route of RTI on this .

      1. Aruna says:

        Thanks! I will try that.

  2. Jitendra Sanghani says:

    I got the below answer from my company’s PF consultant.

    As far as the transfer of funds from earlier company to new company is concerned, as per talk with the Officer of the department, the pension fund is transferred manually and hence the same will not be reflected in the E-pass book.

    The transfer amount is mentioned in the PF transfer acknowledgment receipt.

  3. bhusan.mirani says:

    I too have the same question. I have asked this question to Manish separately.

  4. sainath says:

    I too have the same query. Can someone help us?

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