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POSTED BY pulkit ON September 3, 2013 3:00 pm COMMENTS (3)

I want to transfer my pf balance from previous to new account.
Generally the procedure being followed is:
1)fill the form and submit it to present employer then present employer will send the form to previous employer
2)previous employer verified details 
3)then previous employer sends the forms to PF office to do the settlement.
Now I was going through the form13(revised) and there it was mentioned that, claim form can be attested by the previous employer also(in this case transfer takes less time as it doesn’t go through current employer).After attestation it can be submitted by them to PF office to transfer the PF to new account(or can any individual submit the form to pf office after getting the form attested?).
I am missing out some thing on written above.
Pls Help.

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  1. Dear Pulkit, in that case, please act accordingly as you described on your own.



  2. pulkit says:

    @Ashal I’ve waited long enough for the facility to begin,can’t wait more.Do you have answer to my queries.

  3. Dear Pulkit, please wait for few days. The RPFO is going to start online transfer application facility.



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