Plain case of cheating by Axis Bank – Average Monthly Balance Dispute

POSTED BY M I Mistry ON September 25, 2013 1:48 pm COMMENTS (7)

Last year on April 2012, I opened an Current account in my firm name viz, M/s. Aloewood Fine Fragrances with Axis bank, Dombivli(E), with AMB of Rs.10,000, On 28th of July, 2012, bank charges Rs.36 for SMS service plus service tax of Rs.3.00. Hence my AMB went below Rs.10000.

SMS service for which my AMB went below Rs.10000 was never ever provided by the bank till today plus I was not informed by any other means like monthly bank statement or e-statement. However bank on its part penalised me for not maintaining the balance, at regular monthly interval, charging me monthly for SMS service but to my no avail , not a single sms was received by me through out this period which I was not informed by any means of ”information”. As a result my whole AMB got eroded completely.

On contacting the bank, I was first treated in a disgusting way by a lady bank officer, she was arguing that I had to check with the bank if something goes wrong, and I argue that ’How could I know if something was done wrong by the bank??? without any contacts by the bank or any sort of information.

Hence I thought to seek your advice in this plain case. I am somewhat shocked. I was of the view that my money is safe with the bank claiming to be the second most largest bank in private sector.


M I Mistry

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Mistry, you are always welcome. Are you still holding the account or closed it?



  2. M I Mistry says:

    I did filed with ombudsman, waiting for their reply, I will update the outcome.

    Thanks Ashal for taking out your time for me.

    warm regards
    M I Mistry

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Mistry, please file a written complaint with AXIS bank. if it’s not sorted out, please file a complaint with Banking Ombudsman.



  4. ashalanshu says:

    Dear M I Mistry, was there no transaction at all after opening the account?



    1. M I Mistry says:

      Hi Ashal,
      My account statement read like this : Initial deposit made by me 50,000, than bank charges for SMS service without informing me for Rs.39.00 (until now I didnt receive any single text message) than I deposited Rs.3000 cash, I assume that I had 53,000 in my account, as I had no information of SMS charges being deducted, so next month I issue a cheque of Rs.43,000 to a party of mine, so my balance gone below Rs.10,000 by Rs.39.00 ie. Rs.9961 and due to this I was monthly penalised by bank for not maintaining the desire AMB of Rs.10,000 at every month regularly.
      As bank penalised me regularly, I believe it was their prime duty to inform me about my balance, through SMS (for which initially my bank balance gone below) but they frequently charges every month for sms service and penalised me for maintaining the desired limit of Rs.10000 as a result my whole AMB is now eroded.
      You can contact me : 09867409764

  5. Dinesh Manuel says:

    If your bank officer is not ready to listen you , then why are you arguing with her. Get her name and go to next level superior.

    1. M I Mistry says:

      Hi Dinesh,
      I was in touch with the head office of Axis bank from last month and after lenghty 26 correspondence, they again forwarded me to the same branch bank officer(who I believe didnt got behavioural training), hence I thought to seek advice from you guys.
      I am willing to forward you all correspondence with the head office done by me

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