Planning for a thing & using mutual fund for the same.

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As most of the speakers of this forum say , we should have a target in mind for a mutual fund to be selected along with the knowlege of the time period.Lets see how one can plan & implement for long term.

For example one plan’s to pay the downpayment for a house after say 5 years(Assume that the individual dosent have any money right now in lumpsum) & after 10 years would like to buy a new car, while after say 20 years he would require a lumpsum amount for my kid’s education(say not yet born).

At the same time one has Rs 15000 to invest in MF,  what funds should one buy & what should be the strategy to achive above mentioned goals.Plus please educate as to how & when do we redeem the units of MF for above goals.Also what should be SIP term for above mentioned goals.

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  1. Avinash

    You can refer to this article , and follow the same approach ,

    Moreover you are trying to things which a financial planner does , so better hire one or learn everything on your own


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