Planning for yearly major expenses

POSTED BY Sandeep ON October 29, 2012 12:33 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hello Manish,

I have following major expenses. (Generally, everyone have more or less similar expenses)

Kid’s School fees: apprx. Rs. 40000

Property Tax: Rs. 12000

Insurance premium: Rs. 30000 

Total: Rs. 82000/-

Query: Is there a way (other than FD) to generate this much amount on yearly basis.





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  1. Dear Sandeep, you may opt to mly saving made either in Bank RDs or in debt funds as per your choice. On a rough calculation you need to invest 6800 Rs. on mly basis to reach your target fund of 82000 Rs.



  2. Biswa Singh says:

    you can try short term debt funds instead of FD. To generate this much amount i.e. 82,000 you need to have huge amount (8L -10L) to keep in Debt fund or FD otherwise for these kind of regular expenses you have to depend on your salary only.

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