Please advise…

POSTED BY Hridesh Kohli ON March 6, 2011 7:55 pm COMMENTS (4)

Hi All,


Need your valuable advise. Please advise me.

I am currently having SIP of 2500 Rs each in

Birla Sunlife Tax relief fund ’96 & HDFC Tax Saver.

I chose this to save my tax as well as an investment purpose.

I am planning to start one more SIP, Please advise me which one should i go for , considering ELSS to be non tax free from 2012. 

Personally i feel i should i go for Midcap/small cap one.


Secondly Regarding tax savings, what more can i take- PPF or LIC plans like Jeevan Aanand. Please advise me on this too.


I will be really thankful to all .




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  1. manickkam says:

    Hi Hridesh,

    Its better to have only one SIP running for one kind of product. If you want to diversify, please stop it with two and don’t increase it more. In your choices, I like HDFC Taxsaver personally over Birla Sunlife one. Increase the exposure on HDFC Taxsaver instead of taking another ELSS from one more fund house.

    Next one full year you can still go with ELSS and it is still tax free. DTC has no effect for ELSS that are opened till March 31st, 2012 (See

    We have to wait the complete assessment of DTC to see what it has in store for us before coming to conclusion.


  2. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Hridesh, Please don’t anticipate anything so early. Let the DTC may become an ACT to deny ELSS as tax saving investment.



  3. Hridesh Kohli says:

    Thanks alot Ashal ji for you reply.

    Actualy i invested in Both ELSS schemes considering tax saving as well as long term investment view but since they will be non tax free from 2012 , i doubt what will happen to the schemes already running. will they work like normal equity schemes?
    Whats ur opinion? will it be better to continue them for extreme long term like 15-20 yrs??


  4. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Hridesh, If you are already having EPF, no need to add another debt based Tax saving product. In case, you don’t have EPF, You may invest in PPF to add the comfort of debt to your portfolio.

    From your query, it seems that you are asking to invest in another MF with out considering Tax saving. If this is the case, go for a large cap based fund like HDFC Top 200 or Birla Fr’line Eq.



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