Please suggest mutual funds for longterm investment

POSTED BY Pankaj Vasudeo ON April 13, 2012 1:33 pm COMMENTS (11)

Hi there
Please suggest mutual funds
my profile
Age = 31 years
Married = having 1 daughter ( 2.5 years old)
any personal loans = no
house = owned
car owned ( no loan)
self employed earning ( 6 to 7 lakhs per annum)
health insurance ( me = 4 lakhs, wife = 4 lakhs, daughter = 3 lakhs )
term insurance = 50 lakhs online
Dad = retired govt offical on pension ( 18,000 per month)
mom = house wife
mom having 2 lakhs in FD
monthly expenses = 30,000 to 40,000

future requirements
daughters education = 50 lakhs
her marriage = 50 lakhs

current investment = 2000 SIP in HDFC top 200

i wanna invest rs 8000 additional per month

will increase according to my earnings

i need money after 15 years

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  1. Pankaj Vasudeo says:

    please suggest 2 more funds for my brother
    he is my business partner 50%
    and earns like me and liabilites same like me
    my portfolio is 5000 HDFC top 200 and 5000 Quantum long term
    my brother wanna invest 10,000
    but i want diff funds from him
    please suggest 2 funds
    time horizon is same like mine

    1. Ramesh says:

      Why different?
      Anyways, go with Franklin Prima Plus and DSPBR Top 100. (nearly same profile as your other 2 funds).

    2. Dear Pankaj, DSP Top 100 in place of HDFC Top 200 & HDFC Eq. in place of Quantum Long Term Eq.



  2. Pankaj Vasudeo says:

    Hi there
    another query
    My dad is senior citizen 63 years
    he wants to invest 3 lakhs
    how can he beat return of FD
    secure investment only
    he is already having 5 lakhs in FD 10%
    he is in 10% incometax slab

    1. Ramesh says:

      There is no secure investment which can surely beat FD return. Sorry.

  3. Pankaj Vasudeo says:

    thanks Ramesh and ashal
    Ashal please let me know the benefits of investing on 2 different dates
    and please suggest me dates too
    my SIP is rs 2000 on every 10th

    1. Dear Pankaj, when market is falling or remains in range, the confidence of investors may become weak. This is where this different Date SIP provides a soothing help. On the basis of past data, there is not much difference on a single SIP or multiple SIP in a month.



  4. Dear Pankaj, Out of 8K Rs. invest 3K Rs. in HDFC Top 200 fund on a different date & invest another 5K Rs. = 2500*2 on 2 different dates in Qunatum Long Term Eq. Fund.



    1. Rakesh Kumar says:

      Dear Ashal,

      For long term (5, 10 or 15 yrs.), how much difference would it make if investments are on two different dates…?


      1. Dear Rakesh, the idea is to capture the market volatility across the month in our favor. The difference in return may be negligible but this to give a comfort zone for the situation – You invested 5K single SIP & market tanks but 2500*2 dates SIPs ‘ll provide cushion. Of course in a single line upward movement, this SIP may generate lesser returns.



  5. Ramesh says:

    Either add that extra money to HDFC Top 200 or get Franklin Prima Plus / Quantum Long term equity.

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