Plz suggest a health insurance.

POSTED BY Khushboo ON July 7, 2012 1:03 pm COMMENTS (7)

I am 26, Divorced women. I have to buy an health insurance for my self. Till now I havenot faced any kind of health related issue, also, I have never done any kind of health check ups. I have two LIC plicies Jeevan Saral & Jeevan Anand.
I am a software professional, earning 45000/- a month. Pls suggest whihc health insurance is good for me & Is it useful for Tax benefits. Kindly provide a detailed info.


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  1. Abhijit Nagarale says:

    Recently i have done with the health insurance of my parents & with lots of R&D I have finalized “Max Bupa heart beat health insuarance silver policy” for my Mom & Dad.

    Age Dad- 60 when got the policy (fortunately otherwise I would have to wait for 2yrs paying premium but not allowed to claim bcoz of the entering age)
    Age Mom- 50yrs
    No health problems till now.

    Individual cover 5 Lacs
    Floater cover 15 Lacs

    It has tax benefit too.

    I would suggest to go for this plan eigther individual or family (better).

  2. Hi Khusboo

    Chola MS Family Healthline insurance is available in three variants, giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose a plan according to your needs.

    For More Information Please Visit

  3. Khushboo says:

    Thanks for the prompt responses to Ramesh & Ashal. I am Single & have no dependents. Being a girl, I dont have my parents also dependent on me. Can Parents be dependent of mine?Or I have a younger sister, can she be considered as dependent on me?

    1. Ramesh says:

      Being a girl does not automatically answer the question.
      Ask if you are not there, will anyone be affected financially. Eg will your sister education be affected if your income is not there.
      If the answer is no to all such questions, then you do not need any life insurance.

    2. Dear Khushboo, next question in line – do you intend to remarriage in near future? The question is posed for the reason – You want to cover your family (read husband) in your new policy at that time.

      The prem. paid by you for your own policy is eligible for tax benefit under section 80C upto the limit of 15K yly.



  4. Dear Khushboo, may I know the sizwe of your family & the no. of dependents on you.



  5. Ramesh says:

    Take a holistic view of your whole financial health, since now you will and should do that on your own.

    1. Health Insurance: Go for Apollo or Max Bupa. Those provide good plans at reasonable rates. This will come under a separate section of tax, apart from your 80C benefits.

    2. Life Insurance: Since, it seems you do not have any dependents, you can skip this part. If your parents financially depend on you or if you have a child, then consider getting a term insurance. Your LIC policies are inadequate to provide this for you.

    3. Contigency / Emergency fund: Create one for you, which you can use.

    4. Save and invest money as per your needs and requirements. Go through the many threads in this forum, learn things yourselves, and then go on from there.

    Learn and invest.


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