Points to consider while buying Health insurance .

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I know we have talked a lot on Health Insurance policies , so many times .But with so many health insurance policies in market , how to differentiate between these policies.I am sure if you buying something for your health is has to be looked in to in details .So what are the main points to remember while buying Health Insurance .And are the brokers of insurance policies , the best person to buy from ?And if yes which are the best brokers in India you can trust .

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  1. Anit Jogi says:

    Buying a health insurance policy is a challenging job now-a-days, there a lot of fake companies that come up in the market. After you select with which company you’re going to ensure, you should look at other following things:-

    – Comprehensive Coverage
    – Cashless facility available.
    – Which hospitals are covered?
    – Enrollment criteria
    – Premium amount
    – Claim facility, etc.

    Even Vishnu has covered some of the notable points.

  2. Vishnu Prasath says:

    One cannot expect all the benefits in one plan. However, the things which comes to my mind when thinking about my health insurance policy are below.

    > Covering Outpatient Expenses (Fever etc..) other than Hospitalization
    > Covering Existing Diseases from Day 1 (or cover as soon as 1 year)
    > Umbrella Cover (instead of limiting cap on each family member)
    > Covering Pre and Post Maternity Expenses (including scans etc..)
    > No cap or reasonable cap for Maternity Expenses (My insurer has a cap of 30k for free delivery and 50k for Cesarian)
    > Covering Dental Expenses
    > Number of days available to claim should be more (mine, 3 months for OPD and 45 days for Hospitalization)
    > Less documentation for claim (My insurer asks even the original CT scan for claims)
    > If no claim made in entire year, bonus of increase in cover
    > If discontinued, ease with which it can be revived
    > Facility to add only necessary riders

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