portfolio break up

POSTED BY Ramesh ON November 12, 2010 5:19 pm ONE COMMENT


I used valueresearchonline to know my portfolio break up which has 6 funds. It shows as below

Giant      41%

large cap 21%

Mid cap   25%

small cap 6%

Other      7%

Would you please tell your opinion whether large cap is more, small cap is very less etc


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  1. Ramesh

    Why do you think there can be a right answer for this , If it was my portfolio , it was fine , if it was one of my other friends, it was very high and it can be YES or NO for you depending on how much risk you want to take in your investments ?

    Large cap means less risky companies in general , so return and risks potential are limited , with small cap , return and risk are very high , what is it that you want ?


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