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I am a new investor. I am investing in following funds thro SIP on monthly basis for past one year.I would like to hear your view points on this portfolio.Will it be ok?or need any changes.I am planning to invest for next 10 years (will do review on yearly basis).

HDFC Top 200-3.5k

HDFc Equity-2.5k

Idfc premier equity plan a -4k

icici prudential focussed bluechip-1k

sbi magnum emerging business -2k

hdfc tax saver-1k

canara robeco equity tax saver-1k

goldman sach goldbees -1 unit

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  1. Dear Logaraja, how did you selected these funds in first place? Was it your research or someone else advised so?

    Please clarify.



  2. TheZionView says:

    In addition to vikash fine answer i would like to add that the debt part of a portfolio is important
    but you should consider your EPF/PPF if you have as your debt component which should be a decent % of investment only after that consideration for any additional Debt schemes.

  3. logaraja says:

    Thanks once again.Its a gold etf.If i open NSel acc, again I have to spend some annual maintainance charge for that particular demat acc.I am going to buy only very small amount so i have chosen gold etf.its 1 % costilier than egold.

  4. Vikash says:

    If you are investing to save tax too, then HDFC Tax saver is fine otherwise Shift to HDFC Equity (growth).

    You have too many funds in your portfolio. Over-diversification is bad way to invest in MF. A single MF is already too diversified. For 10-15k SIP 3-4 funds are more than enough.

    For 15K SIP, These 4 funds are more than enough.

    HDFC Top 200 (G) – 5,000
    HDFC Equity (G) – 4,000
    IDFC Premier Equity – 3,000
    SBI Mag. emerging Buisness – 3,000

    You can redeem other fund and shift to above mentioned existing funds.


  5. Biswa Singh says:

    You should not specifically invest in a product to save tax. Tax saving may be a by product of your investment. Like equity MF are not taxable after one year.

    For portfolio diversification you should first consider debt instruments and 10-15 % gold. I think last one is not etf rather a gold fund. I prefer eGold as compared to god etf or gold fund as they have less transaction charges and better transparency.

  6. Biswa Singh says:

    I think you can exit from the last three funds. Your funds are good but it does not have any debt component. Please invest in debt fund like HDFC MIP LIP or SBI Dynamic. Consider increasing SIP in icici focused bluechip.

    1. logaraja says:

      Thanks for your suggestion.I am investing in ELSS fund for tax saving purpose.For diversification i am investing in Gold etf.May I know the reason to exit from last 3?I will increase the amount in icici pru…

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