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POSTED BY Vivek Soni ON September 11, 2012 1:29 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hello guys,

i am 26 years of age , not married , working as a Software Professional . i have gone through many articles from this forum along with the book . i have never considered for any investment before but after reading all enriching articles from this forum i just realized what a big mistake i have made . But its never too late , so guys please help me with my portfolio.

i can invest 20 k / month from my monthy salary . Can anyone suggest me how should i divide across various investments .

First thing is i need to buy a term insurance, can anybody suggest a good reliable insurance plan for this ?

Second , i would like to invest much of this 20 k into equity for long term , But i dont have much knowledge into mutual funds and stocks . So it would be great if you guys could suggest me some good mutual funds to invest .

Then what should i do with the rest of the investment amount ?. Please do correct me if i am making mistake anywhere . 



Vivek Soni

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  1. Vivek Soni says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Thanks for the quick reply . In my family , no one is dependent on my income as my Dad earns a pension of 15 k . Emergency funds would be around 2 lacs .Looking forward to your reply

    Vivek Soni

  2. Dear Vivek, as of now who is dependent on your income? I’m asking this question as you are unmarried as of now. What are your mly expenses? Do you have any emergency funding?

    Please answer.



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