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POSTED BY Arch ON May 20, 2011 12:27 pm ONE COMMENT

I have started investing in MF from June last year. My main aim is for retirement planning and I am doing SIP in following funds for past 1 year. My retirement is 30 years away as of now.

DSPBR Top 100 – 1000

HDFC Top 200 – 500

Fidelity Equity – 500

HDFC Equity – 1000


I am planning to increase the investment in the above funds. My aim is to put additional 2k in any of the above funds. As per reading in jagoinvestor/valueresearch I have tried to build a core and satellite portfolio for long term investing. I have no plans to withdraw money for 15-20 years unless the funds perform badly.

Please give feedback as should I hold the above 4 funds or reduce some of them? too much duplication? any other suggestions? I will be trying to increase my contribution atleast 2k every year.

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  1. Arch

    Two funds are enough . All of those 4 funds are very much same .

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