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POSTED BY Chetan Ambi ON December 19, 2012 9:07 am COMMENTS (3)

Hi Manish and Team,

I am 25 years now and new to investment world. But understood a lot about investment from jagoinvestor, tflguide, valueresearchonline etc. I have selected below funds to start with.  Is this portfolio looks ok? Do I need to consider any other MF’s? Could you please assist me?

Large cap: ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Retail-G
Large & Mid cap: HDFC top 200
Mid & Small cap: SBI Magnum Emerging Businesses
Hybrid (Equity Oriented): HDFC Prudence

Apart from these I have money Debt funds (PPF, RD) and also in emergency fund. So I can take little risk from above MF portfolio.


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  1. Ok , when I said one mid-cap fund has to be there, it was in relation with some context, its not true for anyone . Its only true when your sole focus is to take high risk for high tenure investments and you can take the volatility which comes with it !

    As you said that you are looking at high tenure , you can then get into some mid cap funds , no issues..

  2. Chetan Ambi says:

    Dear Manish,

    Yes. I think I am trying to do lot of things. You just read my mind on this part (Occlumency – you know this world if you are a fan of Harry Potter :)). I understand that simple portfolio might be powerful. But I have read one of your articles that we must have one mid-cap fund in our portfolio since those have a very good potential to get good returns. Also you have said that we can have one good fund from each category.

    My short term or debt investments are just fine. I am managing them well. I just want concentrate on long term investments. As you said having 2-3 diversified funds in the portfolio is enough? Please advise.


  3. I think you are trying to do a lot of things . You have heard various kind of mutual funds and you are trying to get into all of them thinking that you will looose out some feature of benefits 🙂

    It happens when you are new . But now you need to understand that simple portfolio is more powerful ! .. Dont get into all kind of mutual funds . The way you need to think is like this

    1. Long term investments – If you want to do some investments into long term like 5-10 yrs , then you just need to get into equity mutual funds (diversified) . one bets are HDFC equity, DSPBR top 100 , Franklin Prima Plus etc etc .. there are more .. just 2-3 of them are good enough to start with

    2. Short term goals – less than 3 yrs . For these kind of goals , the best think would be to use Recurring deposit or some Debt mutual funds .

    I hope you get the simple rule . I hope you have already read my book 3rd chapter on equity and debt !


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