Portfolio review for my children related goals and Retirement ?

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I am 38 yr. I save Rs.76000/- pm. My initial investments had only been in GPF.

As i had negligible equity exposure and wanted to plan for future goals, including marriage and education of two children and my retirement after 18 years, and wanted to prevent my investments from being eaten away by inflation, i reduced my gpf subscription & started my investment in equity mutual funds in the following funds for long term investment
1. IDFC Premier equity
2. DSPBR top 100 equity
3. ICICI prudential focussed bluechip equity
4. HDFC equity
5. Quantum LT equity
Any surplus over and above this i invest in these equity funds only. The reason i give is that i am already debt heavy in my investment so far and still a long way to achieve the desired asset allocation of 70:30::Equity:Debt

My concern is whether this approach to investment is correct? Are these funds appropriate to realize my goal of long term wealth creation? Am i right by keeping my debt exposure to only gpf or should i also invest in debt funds? or both? When i compared long term returns of debt funds i saw they just managed to hover around 9%(5 yr return)! So please advise me regarding my equity portfolio and also my approach to investment in debt.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear MY, I w’d pick only 2 funds from your list. Quantum Long Term Eq. and IDFC Prem. Eq.



  2. MY says:

    Thanks Ashal. will try to decrease my pf and put that amount in equity. Please comment on the MF. I know that midcap exposure is less. Please review my funds. Do i need to cut the number of funds? Pl advise. thanks.

  3. ashalanshu says:

    Dear MY, if possible to you, please increase your Eq. exposure. I’m not commenting as of now on your choice of funds.



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