PPF ONLINE, any provision if i hold an SBI account???

POSTED BY sunil ON June 19, 2012 12:38 am COMMENTS (6)

Dear All,
I hold an SBI account and now i want to open a PPF account, can i do it online thorugh SBI account? is there any such provision?

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  1. sunil says:

    Thanks Vasanth,

    I shall carry the documents with me….

    However, the branch which my Wife has the account and the Brnach with which we are trying to opn a PPF are different..

    No issues i shall find out with the New Branch if they can make it online.

    1. Dear Sunil, for default linking of PPF account to your wife’s netbanking, please use the cheque of existing SB account to deposit the initial amount. At the time of opening of account, please intimate the staff for your netbanking requirement.



  2. Vasanth Kumar J says:

    Sunil – Just carry the following documents with you to open PPF account in SBI

    1) 2 passport size photos
    2) Photocopy of PAN card
    3) Photocopy of Address proof (Ration card or Passport) – Still wondering why they dont accept Driving License
    4) Carry a original (Ration card or passport) with you. They ask this sometime
    5) Minimum deposit of Rs 500 as cash (preferably).

    It might just take half an hour.

    NOTE: If you want to link your PPF account with netbanking please let them know when you are opening itself. It is very easy for them to link ur PPF account to netbanking if both ur savings Account and PPF account are in the same branch.

  3. Prasoon says:

    Sharing my personal experience, hope it helps –

    I had a SBI account in Delhi Branch with Delhi address. I went to a Hyderabad branch to open a PPF account. Person there just discarded my current address details, and fetched up all the details using my SB A/C No. He suggested to change it later on. AC got opened in less than 30 minutes and I came out of branch with passbook. Also, the new PPF account got linked with my current account on netbanking, which I checked just after returing to home. Later on, I submitted the documents to change the address and for shifting the branch of my SB account.

    Not all branches support PPF facilty, so you’ll need to check it. Also go through http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2010/02/how-to-open-a-ppf-account-at-sbi-bank.html. It may help you.

  4. sunil says:

    Yes Manish, i shall do it.
    By the way, is ther any limitation that i should go to the brach where in opened the account or i can go anywhere in India?
    ‘Coz my wife got transfered to Pune recently and i am planning to take PPF on her name.

    Thanks in Advance.

  5. No Sunil

    You will have to go to SBI branch once atleast .. I would suggest go once and do it , dont get stopped by this limitation . How tough would it be to go there once ?

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