PPF or other investments

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  1. jinesh shah says:

    its actually for diversification of exposure. Instead of FD’s and other fixed income instruments this gives pre tax yield of 10.87%. Equity funds have some SIPs , though am continuing the same it has not given any better gains in last 5 years

    funds like HDFC top 200
    IDFC premier equity fund
    ICICI focused equity

    I mean this is just exchanging views. let me know if your views are different. It will be helpful in making and understanding it better

  2. Dear Jinesh, please do not fall upon EEE alone. What’s your time frame? if you are in for more than 15-20Y, you can opt pure Eq. funds for better EEE returns as per current tax rules.



  3. jinesh shah says:


    query is not twisted. I actually wanted to know that is there any benefit of investing in PPF (not considering the 80CC benefit). after some research got to know that its EEE and the interest exemption gives me a better yield. Please do let me know your views.

  4. Dear Jinesh, the taxation comes later on, first come the time frame for any investment you w’d make. You posted the query for taxation benefit only within 1l Rs. limit, so i answer for that. now as you are twisting your query, my answer is also twisted. 🙂



  5. jinesh shah says:

    Dear Ashal

    Wont it make sense as EEE, Product

    For eg. PPF Yielding 8.70 Tax free

    FD yielding 10% taxable so a person in a 15 to 20% tax bracket wont benefit from PPF investment considering it as a plain investment without 80 CC benefit.

  6. Dear Jinesh, if your 80c limit is already exhausted, there is no use of PPF for you.



  7. jinesh shah says:

    whats benefit of PPF,
    1) if I have Home loan and easily achieve 80CC limits
    2) other investments like MFs, equity can yield better

  8. rakesh says:

    What is your query?

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