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  1. Bunker says:

    ICICI Bank is aware of the transfer process and they have guided me through the same once. They explain you the steps to bring your PPF account from your old institution to ICICI Bank. Transfer process has to be started at Post Office by filling up the PPF account transfer form and informing Post Office where exactly which ICICI bank and branch (with address) you want to transfer the PPF Account. Post Office will accept your transfer form, give you a receipt, retain your passbook and after due diligence, they will close the account and transfer the balance in the form of Pay Order to the ICICI Bank branch you mentioned. You can then submit PPF Account form and KYC documents at ICICI Bank and open your PPF Account.
    Please note that 15 yrs tenure will be considered from the date of opening of the PPF Account at Post Office and not at ICICI Bank in such cases.

  2. jinesh shah says:

    Hi Ashal

    i read all the process posted on the forum before. Just wanted to know if any body has successfully transferred it. I am facing lil problems in the same. Post office guys are usually unaware and have lots of resistance in transfer. Also icici is nt aware on any transfer process

  3. Dear Jinesh, Please contact the Post Office where you are maintaining the account at present. Update your PPF passbook, apply for Transfer in Post Office. Please do carry your KYC documents with you in Original as well as copy of the same.



  4. jinesh shah says:

    has any one successfully transferred PPF from post office to ICICI Bank if yeh

    can u let me know the process of doing the same.

  5. Genoa says:

    Can you re-post your query?

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