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Hi All,

I came across PPFAS (Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services) website in search of a good fundamental stock analyst/ advisor. I was going through the archives section for seeing the recommended stocks by PPFAS. I found out that most of the recommendations were quite fruitful if somebody had subscribed to those views of PPFAS.

Anybody on this forum who is on similar lines as i am ? or you guys have been doing great with other advisors ?..Kindly share.


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  1. Jagadees says:

    @Chandrakant @justgrowmymoney
    PPFAS runs PMS (portfolio management scheme) following value investing principle and behavioural finance – http://www.ppfas.com/products-services/portfolio-management/cognito/

    It does not offers any monthly/weekly stock reports like motilal oswal, sharekhan,equitymaster etc. Their stock reports should be viewed in terms of whole portfolio decision and not by individual stock picks. When there was market meltdown in dec 2008, there were buying lot of stocks and when the market reached new heights in oct/nov 2010, they made fewer stock picks. It all depends on their portfolio position. If u r curious to know their model portfolio, u can see this link – https://www.ppfas.com/pdf-docs/products-services/portfolio-management/cognito/factsheet-march-2011.pdf


  2. Dear Chandrakant, neither I in my individual capacity nor any friends or relatives have used PPFAS so I can’t be judgmental to them. Please invest at your own risk. The points highlighted by dear Justgrowmymoney do have merits.



  3. Hi – I have not used PPFAS services but here is my observation:

    The Research reports available in the website are from 2009, 2010 and 2011 (The recent one being Apr 2011). There are several breaks within the reports. (Say Aug, Sep and Nov 2010 reports are available while October report is not).

    This means that the recommendations published on the website went on to become winners. The reports for other months may have highlighted stocks that may not be doing well as on date. Being a value oriented research I would not expect all recommendations to provide great results in 1-2 years itself. Sometimes it just takes time for the value to be unleashed. But not publishing ALL old recommendations/selectively displaying success stories does not seem to be the right way. Again if there is a 100% success/hit ratio there is indeed something amiss. Just for this reason I would stay away.

    However if someone has real experience of gaining from their research you may want to give it a try.

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