Premium deduction before medical tests by Apollo Munich

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I recently applied for Apollo Munich’s group health insurance for myself and my wife(Easy Health with SA of 7.5 Lacs).

Firstly, even before our medical tests were performed, the company deducted the entire premium amount thru the cheque given by me at the time of filling up the application form. Is it a normal way of working for health insurance companies to deduct the premium amount before I have signed up for the policy? Is this not against the consumer’s interest because:

1. He is losing the interest on the premium amount if the company refuses to issue a policy because of the test results or if the consumer decides against taking the policy.

2. The medical tests and policy issuance takes a few days for completion. During this time he is not medically insured and yet the company has taken premium money beforehand.

Shouldn’t there be a norm to minimise the gap between date of premium payment and date of policy enforcement to protect consumer interest?

Secondly, Apollo Munich has mentioned in a letter that I have a high Body Mass Index(BMI) which would result in extra premium amount. ( I am 30 yrs old with height of 5’8″ and weigh tof around 88 Kgs). So the company is already applying a loading for being overweight, even before the start of policy.

Would it be wise to trust such an insurance company for a long term relationship because I feel that they can apply loading for any reason going forward on premium renewals?



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  1. satyapal says:


    If you want new health insurance pleas read this.

    I already 3 health policy holder Apollo Munich , Icici Lombard and max bupa.

    All plan is family floater Plan.

    My Spouse Admitted in Sanjeevani Surgical and general hospital this hospital listed in all insurance company.

    First I claim with Apollo Munich for cashless my cashless claim reject some report required. I submit report again again reject my claim given same region admission require region I again submit doctor latter with patient Problem and why admitted and how may time required hospitalization after reject my claim this is total process 4 days not any body come in hospital check if any query what is require or check . this above case is facing apollo munich health insurance. The claim number is – Claim Number is- Claim Id: 211683
    My Apollo Policy No: 900001/11051/1000417293 date of admission 04/07/2014 date of discharge 08/07/2014

    After Discharge my spouse i submit all bill for Reimbursement with Icici lombard my claim amount is rs . 28728.00

    My claim Approval Rs. 22566.00 and 6162 Disallowed because my plan is room rent limited 3000.00 per but i chooc 4500.00 my room rent per day so 6150.00 not pay me Icici lombard and all claim settle in only 7 days after settle icici lombard all claim.

    I sent balance amount rs 6150.00 apply with Apollo Munich The apollo Munich Sowing only rs 1980.00 claimed amount How to check this because this is only room rent charges not and deducted amount. after 30 days my claim reject again given region this case not require hospitalization.

    When I ask how to settle my claim Icici Lombard If this case hospitalization not require inform me our policy is different.

    So please first check and again buy any health policy with Apollo Munich.

    1. Thanks for sharing your case with us !

  2. jitendra solanki says:


    Two Things i would like to clerify:

    1. there are two procedures followed by the companies.One, they do not fix medical test or you but you have to do it yourself and produce teh medical reports along with Application form.e.g Star Health
    2. On other hand,some companies accept the application form and fix up the medical test for you.E.g Appollo Munich.

    Now Star Health will only process the cheque after receiving application form.But Appollo Munich will process it as they receives the application.In any case policy is issued only after cheque clearance.

    Now If there is any loading, then company will sent you a consent letter.If you accept it they issue the policy.If you do not give your consent, the policy is cancelled and premium is refunded after deducting medical expense, if any.

    And all these procedures are under IRDA guidelines and i hope these satisfy customers because they are not issuing the policy without your consent.

    I believe these clerify your doubts.


  3. bharat shah says:

    i think, they have done as per irda guidelines/rules. if you do not agree with loading, they will return the a/m without any deduction, if you have not insured till then. in case , no loading, and you return the policy after isuue during ‘look in’ period, they will deduct the proportionate period for the look in period and medical test expense. as they are commercial oganisation, i think, it is fair for both, the insurer and insured.

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