Procedure to Withdraw EPF

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Does any one have first hand experience in withdrawing EPF amount from the company , how much time it “actually” takes ? Documents , follow up required , requirement of being in the same city ?

Note that EPF is not to be transferred , it has to be withdrawn only .


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  1. Nayaz says:


    I want to upload kyc details in uan portal…
    Uanmembersepfoservices…web not working ..
    Is there any other options availble for uploading lux details.. ..


  2. Wriju Bharadwaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    Can a person have his/her EPF balance transferred for more than one previous company?

    Consider the following example:

    Ajay works in company X for 1 and half years joins company Y and does not transfer the EPF balance where he works for two years. Now he switches from company Y to company Z and then wants to transfer EPF balances from both X and Y to the a/c maintained/opened for him by Z.

    Question 1, will this work?
    That is if a person files a form 13 to transfer between a/c with X to Y, once the transfer is complete, he files another form 13 to transfer between a/c with Y to Z.

    Please clarify, thanks a lot


    Thanks and Regards


  3. Venkat says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to withdraw my PF amount that was deducted from my salary in my previous organization. I tried calling them and the response was very poor. I was asked to come down to the office and finally when i went there they told that the HR was not there come on a different day and it went round and round for 2 months, I was fed up with it and gave up the idea of withdrawing the PF. Could you suggest me if there is any way that I can withdraw my PF amount there emailing the forms to PF office or anything of that sort.
    I do have my pay slips and PF account number with me.

    My last working day in that company was on 07-Jan-2008

    Please suggest

  4. Vishnu Prasath says:

    Yup, Yogi covered it in detail. In my experience, it took 6 months to get it credited. Not sure whether there was delay from employer side or Govt. side.

    Btw, it was one of the worst mistakes I did by touching PF amount. Coz, as we all know, touching the PF should be the last thing you should do. 🙂

    1. Just fill the forms which your employer would have.
    2. I was asked to carry an ID Proof and cancelled cheque.

  5. Atul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I think there are 2 ways to withdraw the money. If the EPF account is managed by the trust company then its much easier. However if the account is with government then its lengthy process. I have not personally done any one of it but have friends who have shared their experiences.



  6. Rakesh

    ok wonderful . So thats pretty straight forward 🙂 . thanks


    1. Yogesh Tiwari says:

      my 2 cents.

      I recently withdrew my PF too.

      Make sure you are prepared before going to your last company, I m sure you dont want to run into circles, like I did…I live 35km away from my last company, they never pick phone if you call them…anyway, they taught me a good lesson in the end.

      1. Keep a note of your PF account no. from your salary slip, even if you know that they(last company) have it.
      2. Carry a Blank and cancelled cheque of your bank, they ll put money directly into that account.(Once you leave job, you may or may not continue with the same bank account).
      3. Carry a photocopy of you PAN card.
      4. Do remember your employee ID.(though, they can pull out details with your name, but for some reason, they may turn into govt officials)
      5. 2 Revenue stamp of Re1 each, is a must, they ll never give you and you may not find a post office nearby.

      I hope this saves misery many others..and they dont go through the same ordeal, I went through.


  7. rakesh says:


    I had withdrawn EPF from my previous employer in 2006. I had filled up 2 forms [don’t remember the numbers]. Did not submit any documents at that time, guess the company had all my info. The EPF amount was directly credited to my salary account after 3 months.


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