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POSTED BY keshav ON December 22, 2010 10:30 pm COMMENTS (2)

Can you please advice me on Product TATA AIG MAHALIFE-GOLD.

Would it be feasible for me to invest in it.

Should I prefer Mutual Fund and Term Insurance or should I look for this.

Is this product more of retirement plan with regular income. Is there any other better option available in the market which can beat this product.

I am not in favor of hybrid products especially Insurance.

Please suggest better plan than above if any with example.

Objective long term regular income after retirement.  

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  1. jignesh says:

    hELLO Ramesh,
    Please see in this link and may be keshav is talking about the same. Please give your comments on this product.


  2. Ramesh says:


    Can you please tell the details of the above plan? Only then analysis / comparison canbe done.

    My suggestion keep investing regularly in a diversified portfolio of equity/debt (80:20 or 70:30) if more than 15 years away from retirement.

    Then after retirement, just withdraw the required amount yearly. Make sure your yearly requirement is not more than 4-5% of the corpus. Invest with that target! Keep it Simple!!


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