Property Tax Payable ?

POSTED BY hanivenom ON September 5, 2012 11:55 pm ONE COMMENT


I have a query regarding the date from which I have to pay the Property Tax for a newly built flat in Pune.

I bought a flat and registration was done in Jan 2011. But the possesion of the flat was given in Feb 2012 i.e. approx. after 1 year of Registration.

So from which date is my part of Propert Tax be calculated ? Is it from the month of registration i.e. Jan 2011 or after I got the Posession i.e. Feb 2012 ?


Please Help….

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  1. Dear Hanivenom, although flat was registered in your name in Jan 2011, but since the possession was with builder not with you, you need not to pay property tax for that part. Your property tax liability starts only after the possession.



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