Purchase of Gold – Different options available

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Hi All

Manish described various ways to invest in Gold in his article (available at https://www.jagoinvestor.com/2012/06/best-way-to-invest-in-gold.html).

According to him, for a pure investor to obtain maximum benefit, investing in Physical Gold is the Best one (when he don’t have a problem of storing).

I found different banks are charging different premiums for Gold coins (in some cases, it is more than 15%) and Banks will not buy back the Gold. Then, there is no point in investing in Bank Gold Coins.

I found some reputed jewelers are selling the Gold coins/bars at Market value of 24ct (without charging any Premium). And they will buy back also, when need arises.

Hence, I hope out of all the options listed by Manish, purchase of Physical Gold coins/bars at ‘No Premium’ from Reputed jewelers is the BEST OPTION.

Probably, this is the main reason for its popularity among Middle Class Indians. I think more than 70% of Gold investment in India is done in this form only (Physical Gold bars purchased at Reputed Jewelers at No Premium charges).

Request you to pl. correct me & guide me, if I am wrong.

Regards, Ram

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  1. Dear Ram, The majority of so called investment in Gold is done in the form of Jewelry /Ornaments & not Coins & bars.

    Personally I’m not inclined towards Gold for investment purpose. this is my personal view & I may be wrong. Regarding your Gold purchase, please check with these jewelers for their 11+1 or 12+2 scheme for investing in Gold Coins or Bars.



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