QLTEF & HDFC children Gift fund. Are they good funds???

POSTED BY sushila ON June 3, 2013 12:50 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Experts,

My husband wants to start SIP in two funds to save for retirement. He is first time investor in MFs. I have identified Quantum Long term Equity and HDFC Children Gift fund. Target would be > 20 yrs and investment would be direct investing. Kindly suggest if these are good funds to start with…Of course, i will track them every six months.

For myself, I have SIPs thr Fundsindia but i think for long term investing direct investment is better. Hence trying for direct for my Husband.

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  1. Both funds are good..but in case of HDFC childrens gift fund ..following points comes in my mind:
    1.Eligibility for investing in this plan is to have a child aged below 18 years.
    2.This plan is for for fairly long term investing and carries higher exit loads for short term duration and have exit load up to period of 3 years.
    3.Taxation point need to be checked..this fund can have 40% equity allocation..so I guess long term capital gain tax may not be zero…but may be like debt fund (NOT SURE).

    Though HDFc Childrens gift fund is among best performer in balanced fund categor ..above points need to be checked.

    1. sushila says:

      Thanks Paresh,

      Pt 1 & 2 is ok with me…but my worry would be Pt 3. Any suggestions on one good fund considering risk appetite as moderate…your opinion on Franklin India Bluechip?

      Can 2 funds be enough or should I add more for our retirement kitty??

      Regards/ Sushila

      1. Thanks for reply.
        Yes..you can invest in Franklin Bluechip fund .
        Its good,defensive in comparison with other similar funds.

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