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Asset Allocation is the best way to invest in equity for long term and to build the portfolio i have read and learnt on this forum.
Can we review the subjec fund which maintain the Asset allocaiton during the long term investment?
Is this the good idea of maintaining the AA?
How it affect the economically
How it is affected by tax

Any comment or suggestion, views ?


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  1. Why dont you just invest in HDFC Prudence in that case, you automatically get the asset allocation done , because they maintain the 60:40 or 70:30 kind of ratio from time to time and the risk is also moderated then .

  2. Dear Jig, if an investor is making his personal call for asset allocation, this fund is not required, else one may think to invest in this fund. Please do note investment in this fund ‘ll be treated as debt fund & ‘ll be taxed accordingly.



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