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POSTED BY Ashwin Rao ON December 19, 2012 3:17 pm ONE COMMENT

I am looking for a medical insurance (family floater type) which can include me and my wife (getting married during May 2013). 2 major quries in this context,

1> Do all kind of family floater plans cover pregnancy expenses ? If not, then please guide me as to which products can be bought.

2> My wife to-be had a mishap in her young age and she lost vision in one of her eyes. I hope to get that rectified through some kind of surgery. I want to understand can these kind of issues be covered under medical insurance ? If yes, then please let me know what kind of medical insurance should I go for ?

3> Also, do you suggest to take 1 policy which can cover both these issues. Or should I take a seperate policy for the eye issue and another family floater type for both me and her. This question arises because of the fact that the eye issue should be a one time affair and later I might not need such a comprehensive insurance plan. Please guide me on this aspect also.

Thanks & Regards – Ashwin

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  1. Biswa Singh says:

    One answer to all your problem is to check with the MaxBupa Heabeat Gold plan (Family Flotter).

    1. The cover pregnancy.

    2. The cover all the critical illness. Any planned surgery for pre-existing sugery then you have to wait for only 3 months.

    3. Chekc with the customercare. I am 100% sure they include both issues with single plan.

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