Query about Birla sunlife Dream and Supreme plan

POSTED BY Amol Patgaonkar ON November 15, 2012 10:41 am COMMENTS (2)


I had started monthly SIP of 5000 each in 2 policies Birla sunlife Dream Plan and Birla sunlife Supreme Life from 2007.
Following are the details of the 2 policies:

Coverage Type     Face Amount     Premium Details     Issue Date
Dream Plan-Life Cvg-Opt 300%-Term 25     1,025,770.00     4,581.11     21-Nov-07
Dream Plan-Enhanced Sum Assured Term 25     2,000,000.00     315     21-Nov-07

Coverage Type     Face Amount     Premium Details     Issue Date
Supreme Life-TermDB Opt-ATerm40 Pay40     1,200,000.00     4,999.98     21-Nov-07

I am not sure what to do of these policies as i have already paid high cost of insurance in the earlier years and now the cost of insurance is 570rs and 501rs respectively for these 2 policies.
Should i close these policies and withdraw the amount and go for Term plan?


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  1. I would say Yes, go for term plan only from simplification point of view !

  2. Biswa Singh says:

    Its always better to surrender these policies which do not give good return and book loss. Please reinvest this amount in MF.

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