Query about commodity, SIP

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Plz help me regarding this.

1. How would my commodity, Equity share market earning effect my IT? Is that per slab or any else…..Pls let me know how it would be calculated if loss is there. My friend told me he would be eager to invest in my account, where my PAN no is given, and he would carry his profit/loss and withdraw as per that. Is that earning would burden my IT? Should I allow him to do so?

2. Want to to invest in SIP. WHich one should I choose? Reliance MIP/HDFC MIP/Birla sun life MIP?

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  1. Finance Student says:

    Thanx Ashal.

    I understand your point. Please give me the links from the past discussions. I am not telling this due to my lack of time to search.. This is just to keep myself focused to the point applicable to me. Please do not misunderstand me.

  2. Dear Finance student, Please stay away the thing you are trying to do for your friend. Interestingly all the gains ‘ll be taxable to you & not for your friend.

    The tax liability is different for each asset class & depends upon the holding period also.

    SIP & MIP? A lot of confusion is there in your mind. Please do nothing with your money for next few months & invest your time to read old discussions here in the forum.



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