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POSTED BY Saurav ON June 25, 2012 2:07 pm COMMENTS (3)


I have a basic question regarding mutual fund investment since I am pretty new to mutual fund investments.

Basically I am planning to invest a fixed amount in a few mutual funds every month. The amount may vary and hence I am not doing a SIP for that.

I want to know suppose I invest Rs 5000 in a Mutual fund which has an exit load of 1% before completion of 365 days and say I have started investing on 1st Jan 2012, and I got some units of that MF. I keep on buying same MF in each month.(Within the same folio). At the end of an year I have say 1500 units.

Now can I withdraw all my investment(1500 units) in this mutual fund on say 2nd Jan 2013?

Will there be any exit load since I have not invested a lump sum amount on 1st Jan 2012 but I have done a number of investments on different dates.


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  1. Dear Kumar, the exit load ‘ll be considered for each individual purchase. So for Jan 12, purchase it ‘ll be zero but for Feb, Mar…. 12 purchases, the exit load ‘ll be applicable if you are redeeming in Jan 13.



    1. Kumar Saurav says:

      Thanks a lot.


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