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POSTED BY rahul chatterjee ON August 8, 2013 2:36 pm COMMENTS (3)

I had submitted KYC documents at local CAMS office which got verified on 17.06.13. However, KYC status is not updated in CDSL or Karvy websites. My questions are:

1) Does this mean that i can only invest in selected fund houses that are serviced by CAMS and i have to repeat the process for other mutual funds that are serviced by KARVY or CDSL?

2) If i choose to directly invest through the fund house website, do i have to submit KYC form with documents again?

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  1. rahul chatterjee says:

    At: ‘https://camskra.com’ it shows ‘Verified’.
    At: ‘http://www.karvykra.com/UPanSearch.aspx’ it shows ‘PAN number not found’.
    At: ‘https://www.cvlkra.com/kycpaninquiry.aspx’ it shows ‘not available’.

    So i’m confused over what to do.

  2. BanyanFA says:

    You need to just get your KYC done once and it is valid for all fund houses, CAMS and Karvy.

    If you are in doubt on the status of your KYC, just send out an email to CAMS to confirm and they will let you know about the status.

    You can invest online on any fund house’s website as long as the status of your KYC in CRA’s website is that you have submitted the docs for KYC update.

  3. Mohit Pandey says:

    1. CDSL and Karvy websites got updated periodically so wait for some time and check.
    2. AMC will update the KYC data with CDLS.

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