Question about long term savings and investment plans

POSTED BY akshaykumar ON January 25, 2015 4:11 pm ONE COMMENT

My spouse and I have a combined monthly income of 2.2 lakhs. We have combined EMIs of around 80k per month. I am 35 and my spouse is 30. We have annual expenses of around 8 lakhs (taking into account surprise expenses, so this is a slightly inflated estimate). Our current investments are as follows

  • 2 term insurances
  • We save around 80k per month in multiple RDs, 10k in 3 different mutual funds
  • 2 money back policies with total annual premiums of 80k

We want to plan for the following

  • A retirement fund
  • We are planning to have a child within the next year. We need to plan for his/her education/future as well.

Can you advise as to what avenues we should look at for these two long term goals? Any other advice on our current investments is also welcome.

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  1. Hemanth says:

    For your income and goals, I would suggest you to approach a fee-only financial planner and discuss with him.

    below link might help you.

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