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Dear Manish,

I am looking to competely understand Fundamental Analysis inclusing how do we derive companies having growth and make a future prediction (only a prediction)…

Since you are from PUNE (i think) you might be knowing anyone/any institute from PUNE where in i can enroll(if there is any such place)  and complete my study of Fundamental analysis.

To let you know, i am from Engineering background, but have basic understanding of Stocks(Fundamentally) and having Intermediate level of understanding stocks (technically).

I am eagerly looking for your answer and guidance.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. TheZionView says:

    The best way learn is to teach yourself.

    Along with excellent book “Security Analysis” by Ben Graham suggested by justgrowmymoney

    I would also suggest below

    “Intelligent Investor” by Ben Graham yet another master piece from genious this will be a ad on to Security Analysis.

    “One Up on WallStreet” by Peter Lynch easy to read and understand book.But difficult to implement without knowing other details.

    “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profit” by Philp Fisher An excellent book which explains things in simple manner

    For your interest in reading books on Investing up beat i would suggest below order other wise you will loose interest as some are very very tiring to read

    1.”One Up on WallStreet” by Peter Lynch
    2.”Common Stocks and Uncommon Profit” by Philp Fisher
    3.”Security Analysis” by Ben Graham
    4.”Intelligent Investor” by Ben Graham

    If you can grasp the concept in these books and implement it truly in your investment you can beat the market and Mutual Funds hands down.

  2. Read “Security Analysis” by Ben Graham – it is very dry very very dry material on the outside but gem of info inside. Grab a copy and come back to update after 3 months.

  3. sunil says:

    Dear All,

    Though its intended to Manish, i would welcome views from anyone.
    However, this learning should not disturb my current Job (9.00 to 6.00) on Weekdays.

    Thanks All in Advance.

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