Recent FDI announcements and its effect on market

POSTED BY Arshad Mirza ON September 15, 2012 12:13 am COMMENTS (11)

Hi All,

With reference to yesterday’s FDI announcements by Govt in many sectors, shall we increase our investment in MF now (lump-sum) hoping that market will positively reciprocate the Govt policies?

What’s your view guys…Lets discuss..



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  1. jmdarts007 says:

    able I invest the power sector Solar and Cow and buying place minimum 50,000 squre fit near on town place .

  2. Nitin Avula says:

    Not able to see the answers provided. It just says 8 Answers. Trying to comment to see if I can see those answers.

    1. You can see the comments now 🙂

  3. divya.advisor says:

    If short term day trading kind of stuff is your goal. Then why mutual funds where there are expenses.
    If you are convinced of certain growth in few companies you should dirctly invest in stocks.
    I would suggest MF if not for a 20-20 kind of a game.

  4. says:


    If you want to know about the markets, always have a close watch of Oil & Gold prices.


  5. says:

    Hi Arshad,

    Feel free to post any query here. I also learn many valuable things here itself only.


  6. Arshad Mirza says: Ashal and your point…I know nothing thats why i put this query for discussion sake….
    Thanks Guys….Cheers !!!

  7. says:

    Dear Arshad,

    If you want to increase SIP amount or lump-sum for the short term in MF, that would be the worst decision you have ever taken in your life.

    Markets are ready to fall in coming days. Don’t try to invest lump-sum money in MF unless you know very well about Stock Markets movements.


  8. Arshad Mirza says:

    Hi Ashal, Thanks for your feedback…

    well ofcourse the MF investment is for long term..I just wanted to know if somebody has extra cash, this may be the time to top up the usual SIP to get extra benefit..And I think you agree on this?

    1. Dear Arshad, if that extra cash is also meant for long term, one may invest without worrying about market levels or such newsflow. If the person do need the cash in short term, no need to go for Eq. MFs’ route.



  9. Dear Arshad, if you are investing in MFs to buy today & sell tomorrow or next week, please increase your investment right now. If you are running the marathon for next 15-25-35Y, such things ‘ll not change the long term story for you.



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