Should I Redeem from Mutual funds and prepay home loan

POSTED BY akuls1 ON March 8, 2015 9:29 am COMMENTS (2)

I have a SBI TOP UP home loan of Rs. 7.5 Lacs at interest rate of 11.5% for which I am paying an interest of approx. 8,000/- per month. (My original SBI home loan is of 24 Lacs @ 10.5% interest rate for next 25 years)

Similarly I am investing in MF through SIP route from last 4 years & accumulated amount is also approx. Rs. 7.5 Lacs.

I have a cash component in bank of Rs. 1 Lacs.

Should I redeem MF units & clear TOP UP home loan of Rs. 7.5 Lacs….or continue paying HL EMI without redemption of MF units


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  1. Justgrowmymoney says:

    correction: MFs will earn more than 11.5% over a longer duration 🙂

  2. Justgrowmymoney says:

    You must invest money where you earn the most.

    MFs potentially will return more than 11.25% over a longer period. My reco is to keep investing in Mutual funds.

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