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I have invested in HDFC Insurance plan  – Unit Linked Young star in growth plan.
SA 2 lacs, Premium is 10k p.a.I have paid premium for 3 years and discontinued. Now the policy is in paidup status.
The Growth fund is NAV is 77 and the total value is 33500 as of today.

They told me that all the benefits will come like policy in force. But, If I want to pay premium then I have to pay old premiums at a time till now. Its’ almost 40k till today.
Shall I pay premiums for this plan?

I dont have other insurance policy. So, I want to take a term plan for 50 lacs now. Even if i take term plan now and if the HDFC ULIP is good then I will contiune.

Please guide me on this.

Thanks in advance


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  1. Dear Venkatram, first of all please purchase a term plan then only decide the fate of this HDFC Plan. Personally for my own money I w’d like to invest in MFs instead of this HDFC Policy.



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