Regarding Insurance policy and Extra savings

POSTED BY Ankit ON October 20, 2012 4:10 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hi Team,

I am 27 year old IT Professional, i have around 40k/month salary and monthly expense of 18K. I have not taken any insurance neither any investmet plan, i can invest around 5-7k every month. Request you to kinfly provide me the best insurance policy i should take and also where can i invest some money through which i can get some extra income.

Please guide me as i don’t want to delay anymore.




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  1. Dhinesh Kumar says:


    My recommendation

    1.Term plan from an Insurance company – Minimum 10 times of your yearly income/Expense ( 20 – 40 lakhs)
    2.Start an R.D & Mutual fund (Systemic investment In any Equity based plan )
    3.make sure that all the above should be done with 10 % of your total yearly income-48000/year- 5000/month(rounded)
    4.Keep the other 10 % of your yearly salary(48000/Year) in a Saving account for using in emergency situations

  2. Hi Ankit,

    You can invest in AEGON Religare’s Unit Linked Insurance Policies, that serve as great means of long-term savings, structured to give you maximum benefit along with life cover. In simple words, investment in ULIP is a great combination of protection and investment. To know more, visit

    Team AEGON Religare

  3. Viswa says:


    Always keep you insurance and Investment separate don’t club them…..

    Suggest you to go through some of the term insurance policies available online like Aviva iLife, aegon Religare iTerm, Kotak eTerm etc. Refer to for some details and comparison. pick up a plan. Refer to insurance online calculators which can guide you on how much insurance u need.

    It is always advised to plan your financial goals and then start investing towards it. This website is good place to educate yourself and plan for your investment.

    All the best.


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