Regarding MF SIP Portfolio

POSTED BY Brundaban ON April 13, 2012 3:03 pm ONE COMMENT

Hi Ashal,
I’m a member in Jagoinvesor since last year.I see always anybody asks any Qs you come up with best possible outcomes, thanks for your exceptional advice to the people.
Also for some guys like you and Manish this group is always superb.

I’ve a Q regarding my portfolio.I’m of 34years married, but haven’t take a term plan yet waiting for the LIC one.

My Portfolio is given below.

1.HDFC Top 200: 2.5K /Month
2.HDFC Equity(G): 2.5K/Month
3.IDFC Pre Equity: 2k/month
4.ICICI Focussed BllueChip Eq Retail:2.5k/month

PF: 6000/month
PPF: 70k/Yr since 4 yrs

My investment horizone is for 10yrs and started above SIP MFs since 8 months..
Pls suggest if this portfolio ok or need any review


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  1. Dear Brundaban, So you are sure that till the time LIC is not launching it’s new reduced prem. term plan, you are safe (or should I say, your family is safe). No risk is there on your life & ultimately to the financial future of your family.

    Should I say any more?

    Regarding your Portfolio, as of now it seems ok.



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