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Dear Sir, I have purchased land 36 mtr by 40 mtr (Area=1452 Sq mtr) Dewas Road Ujjain in 26 September 1998 form Mr. Joseph Parihar chief secretary and treasurer of Malwa Church Counsel Maseeh Sewa Mandal Canadian Mission.
b) At that time I paid stamp duty, which latter on was observed by department that it is not as per then guide line. Then case was going on in Court of Collector of stamps Ujjain, and then department and we agreed for a amount which is to be paid in instalments. I received reminder letters from Registrar Department for last instalment of Rs. 100000.00. So on 27-4-2011 I paid Rs.100000.00 on account 3.B.105/9899 to registrar Department, and received The Original Registered Document.
c) I approached to Ujjain Municipality for Namantaran. They told that, Namantaran for part (16.15 Mtr X 33.53 Mtr) and (16.15 Mtr X 33.53 Mtr) of the said land is already been done In the name of Tarun motors and Pankaj Jain. And registry of those names is not available with Municipality.
d) I approached the Registrar Office and got the certified copy of sell deed of those land. This land is sold to them by Mr Soloman Smith Canadian Mission Indore, In 26-Feb-1999, and 3-March-1999.
And Tarun Motors on 6-March-1999 part of that land sold to Pankj Jain. Measuring 13.71 mtr X 33.53 mtr (Area=459.7 sq mtr)
My question is
1) How Registrar office can do the Mistake of doing the registration of same land. (May be due to, at that time computer record facility was not available.)
B) is it not the responsibility of seller to furnish true documents?
C) So can, on the grounds that Reg office has latter observed that they have done the registration of the land which is all ready registered earlier, cancel the reg which is done afterwards. (As if they were having computer facility they would have told the person that this is already registered so they cannot do it) and if that seller has any problem he should go to court to decide who has right to sell the land.
Another question is whether Municipality can do the transfer of name (Namntaran) of balance land which is available after the compound wall constructed by the said owner, in my name, and balance land when they receive the cancellation document of those sells deeds. And do the have right to ask for certified copy of power of attorney when I am submitting the Reg Sell deed. As per Info on their web site they need application and Reg Sell deed.
Some says that it is not the authority to decide the ownership of property of Registrar office. They want only stamp duty. If so then another Telgi (Stamp Scam) will provide false documents for lots of property and thousands of cases will be in the court.

Dilip R Kopargaonkar.

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  1. Dear Dilip, please file a police complaint & take necessary legal action to cancel the false sale deed.



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