Religare Care Health Insurance Plan – Product Review

POSTED BY Kunal D ON September 17, 2013 12:16 pm COMMENTS (15)


I wanted to know if anyone has analyzed the Health Insurance policy from Religare named as ‘Care’? It seems to a new product and is offering competitive policy pricing and benefits.

Any minute details shared via this forum will be appreciated.



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  1. Thansk for updating that. I was not aware about that !

  2. S Gaur says:

    Biggest chor company .even this is a understatement.

    1. Thanks for your comment S Gaur

  3. Sidharth says:

    As far as their retail policy plans are concerned it a totally a fake insurance company. Their plans, promises are all fake. I have personally faced the non-sense attitude of their TPA personnel. Its good to buy a health insurance and in that case RELIGARE may be a good proposition only on paper but not in practice and reality. Never ever choose this insurance company. My Suggestion – Don’t opt for Religare Health Insurance. You and keens will only suffer like me and my family is suffering.

    1. Can you share your experience in detail ?

    2. Santosh says:

      Very true. Fully agree with you. Its the biggest CHOR company I have ever interacted with.

  4. sudhir3 says:

    RELIGARE may be a good proposition only on paper but not in practice and reality. This is my experience.

    RELIGARE rejected the proposal of my 14 year old healthy kid on the grounds of the 2-3 years old past medical history of SYNCOPE, although the doctors then had given clean chit after performing ECG, MRI etc.

    RELIGARE refused to do a fresh medical examination on him to verify condition of health in case of doubt, stating that state of his current or future health is immaterial.

    RELIGARE even refused to arrange for a discussion between me and the underwriter who had rejected his proposal thereby closing all avenues of any discussion. (In all probability, the under-writer has not even understood the old medical reports of my son, sent by me).

    Their replies to specific and pointed questions in my emails are vague and round about.

    Such a stand by RELIGARE will affect my son’s future since other insurance companies also will tend to go by the precedence of past rejection by RELIGARE and reject his proposals even though he may be enjoying perfect health.

    They have only one standard response for everything and they do not answer any specific questions. If this is the state of affairs before policy issual, imagine how they could deal with the insured persons when they put up a claim. You could be up against a wall everytime,

    I recommend the readers to be very careful while choosing insurance company for your health insurance and spread such information to your colleagues so that they don’t fall into such a mess with insurance companies like this who do not seem to espouse any value.

    1. Santosh says:

      Biggest CHOR company (Religare Health Insurance) I have ever seen which has been formed just with an intention of duping innocent customers.

      1. Thanks for your comment Santosh

  5. Debojyoti Das says:

    Hello Kunal,
    Sorry to jump in this discussion, however, I don’t agree with the fact that Aegon Religare and Religare Health as same companies and will have any issues for claim settlement as you said.
    Both are different companies and stake with other ventures are different. Also, when I claim from Religare health, I would claim for Health related expenses. When my nominee claims from Aegon Religare, then the claim would for Term Plan which will be provided only after my death to my nominee. Therefore, I think, it is Ok and absolutely fine to go with Religare health though you already have Aegon Reliagre TI. I too have Aegon Religare TI and soon going for Religare Health “CARE” floater Medical insurance. I don’t see any problem in that.

    Manish, kindly correct if you have a different opinion.


    1. Priya says:

      On June 6 the 2016 I bought health policy for my daughter who is an adult. I just wanted to be her proposer so that I pay money. In the policy they have clearly mentioned that under ₹500000 policy she is entitled for the health check up from the date of issue. Now that I asked for a health check up for my daughter,they refused saying she is dependent. We talked on this issue several times before the purchase that whether she will get all benefits .mentioned. ten times they kept on calling what is decided. After that we have purchased they changed their policy in September. They are now asking us to renew. We lost trust in them.pls don’t buy their policy

      1. Thanks for your comment Priya

  6. Kunal D says:

    Hi Manish,
    I forgot to mention that I also have a Term Insurance from Religare and recollected the Golden Financial Rule ‘Do not put all your eggs in one basket’ before going in for a Health Insurance from Religare.
    Your opinions please.


    1. Hmm… In that case better go with HDFC or Aviva

  7. Kunal D says:

    HI Manish,
    Thanks for your inputs.

    Do you have the latest IRDA Claim Ratio for Health Insurance companies? I know I cannot / would not be able to track Religare Health Insurance, but need to how others are placed!


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