Requested advice for a Medical Insurance for a person who already undergone Kidney transplant operation.

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Thank you very much for clarifing many of our queries which will help us greatly.

I am a software egineer of age 31, who have undergone kidney transplant operation in 2012 FEB. Thanks to god that every thing went fine and most of the expenses are coverd under my company’s mediclaim policy. Now I am planning to take a seperate mediclaim policy individually to aviod any future problems. Please give your suggestions on my below questions.

1. Are there any companies that give medical insurance treating my condition as pre exisitng ill less?(will they atlease cover after waiting period of 4 years or with high premeimum?)

2. If present please suggest what are those policies and suggest the good one to go ahead.

3. I need to take medicine through out my life as kindney recipient. Is there any way to cover the medicine expenses under any policy.

I really thankfulf for your comments on this and will be very helpful to me.



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  1. Dear Eswar, no insurance co. ‘ll provide your cover for certain to hapen illness. Yes with a waiting period, you can cover yoruself up. As you have already gone for Kidney transplant, such a young age, be ready to pay more than normal prem. all through your life. My take ‘ll be to purchase a large cover from day one as you may not get chance to increase it in future due to health isues with you later on.



  2. Regarding policy which will cover the medicines ? Think about it yourself , can there be any policy which can pay for something which is “sure” to happen ? Note that insurance is about covering the RISK and uncertainity . So No policy will pay for something which is sure to happen like your medicine expenses .

    Some policies might cover you from future illnesses, but the chances of that is small and if possible, then high premium . I suggest you talk to Apollo and Max Bupa on this .


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