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POSTED BY Crazy guy ON September 17, 2012 2:27 pm ONE COMMENT

I am 23 (unmarried) IT professional. I want to know about long term savings, retirement options, best investment options and tax saving methods.

We are a 3 member family and we have an after tax income of 19Lpa. The expenses will not go beyond 3Lpa. I would like to save 15Lpa to build a good retirement corpus and retire young.

1. Mom is highly educated non earning member (I can invest lot of money in her name)

2. Dad is in 10% slab. Dad would be retiring after 6 years with a 50% salary pension

3. I am in IT with 14Lpa salary in cash, I need to have some liquid cash as a protection from recession

Can you help me choose the best investment plan so that I can build a considerably good amount of retirement corpus which can last long? Here are few considerations:

Investment area: Real estate / Equity / FDs / NSC / Gold. I already have PPF
1. Least tax (We are already paying 2L of tax)
2. Best ROI
3. Inflation + Inflation after my marriage
4. Best insurance plan
5. Some money for charitable funds

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  1. Dear Crazy Guy, first of all do nothing in terms of investments in MFs, PF or PPF or FDs or Insurance ……

    Investment in time. Please spare some time from your too much busy schedule & read past discussions here in this forum. Till date more than 4700 discussions (queries raised) are here. Please spend next 60-90 days on this assignment. By the end of the assignment your own thought process ‘ll be very clear or specific for your own good.

    Still if you require any help after reading these discussions, we are here to help you.

    In case you feel, this reading the past stuff is not your cup of tea & you are running short of time, my advise to you ‘ll be to go for a paid financial planner.



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