Retirement plans for NRI’s

POSTED BY Sekhar ON February 7, 2011 5:33 pm COMMENTS (3)

I am an US based NRI aged 38Yrs and want to invest in India . I would like to have some kind of insurance and/or Retiremant plan, so that i would get pension after retirement. Which is the best available plan.

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  1. Dear Sekhar, please clarify, you want to invest in insurance plan or want to save for your retirement?

    Answer ‘ll be different based upon your feedback.



  2. Are you going to settle in India? When is your R2I?

    1) Buy a term insurance for until retirement
    2) If you intend to return to India buy a Health insurance as soon as you land {debatable if you can buy one now}
    3) invest in equity Mutual Funds – in SIPs – in India for the very long run. Pushing few hundred USD a month will yield returns big time over the next decade or two.
    4) If you have opened a PPF account when you were a resident you can contribute 70,000 per year until maturity. [100.000 in a short while]. This cannot be repatriated. But will grow into a good sum.
    5) Invest in Bank FDs/short term bonds on a SIP basis. This monthly contribution will balloon big time over a long period.


    6) You can invest in Indian shares if you have the time and discipline. For the easiest portfolio build [THIS IS NOT AN ADVICE. USER DISCRETION FOR SUITABILITY IS CAUTIONED] just buy Index funds to the tune of 50% and invest the remaining 50% in blue chip Sensex stocks. This alone has the potential to beat the market. But all such dabbling I leave to you.

    1. Ramesh says:

      Regarding point 6. How are you supposed to beat the market by buying an index fund or buying the sensex stocks? After all, Sensex is market.

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