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Dear Sir,


Thank you very much for providing guidence in financial planning.


I have invested in following products & I want to know how good they are with ref to good returns?

1. ICICI Pru Life stage wealth II

2. HDFCSL Classic Assure

3. HDFC Young Star Super II

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  1. To answer your question in short: Good returns? NO when compared to MFs

    All your investments listed are mix of investments and insurance and if I right except 2 the rest are ULIPS.

    ULIPS can give you decent returns over the long run provided you know how to change the asset allocation intelligently each year. However they are very high on expenses you pay to the insurer and in this sense non-ideal.

    All financial experts advise not mix insurance and investment and to invest through mutual funds for long term goal for returns that beat inflation. ULIPs can do this but compare to MFs returns will be lower even if you handle the portfolio carefully due to high charges you pay to the company.

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